My Experince of meditating

The time I started meditating I couldnt really concentrate until I started to  do it the right way  that was demostrated to us in the class by my teacher .I cloudnt really meditate in class but I could  when I did it at my house and it really made a difference . As Istarted  meditating  I  felt like as every sound around me was being redused . It made me feel really calm and help me to reduce stress . It made me feel like I was in a different type of world where it everything was just so relaxing and calm. Therfore as it helped I will be trying to do it more often to help reduce my stress and to keep my self relaxed.


Gabe Lyons

In this generation of the world where everyone focuses in fighting for the world and its restoration -not fighting off the world,the term christian  is to often associated with only with hypocrisy, judgmental-ism,  and anti-homosexuality, and where many young people are distancing themselves from religious labels. After listening to Gabe Lyons I agree with his perspective and the things that he talked about .Its is true that this generation has a less percent of people having christian belief and that they are less respected .He also mentioned three different types of  Seperalists, Culturalists, and the Restorers.1) The Seperalists are those who only interact with people like them 2) Christians who only interact with Christians because they think that t  people outside of their Christian circle or are a bad influence to them or not as good as them .3)Cultural Christians are those people who are just christian for name sake.

“Father of lights”

What was challenging or could be challenging to you about this film?

I don’t think  there was any challenging for me about understanding anything about the movie because  I been a christian all my life and I understood what and why the Evangelist were trying  to do .But there are lot of different time where it might be challenging for other people to understand  some  scenes where the Evangelist was try to talk to many people about Christianity,Jesus and even when he visited  to the mosque “Dome of Rock” in Jerusalem which is considered the second holy place in the world by Muslims.

What did this movie reveal to you about the character about God ?

The  Character reveled about God in this movie is that he is very loving and a caring God , it doesn’t matter what religion we are from we all are his children and that he listens to everyone’s  prayers who believes in him and his word. his character is so good that he even seeks us in the darkest places of the world and is trying to save us .

Did the movie address any “misconceptions” you have /had about God?

Yeah it did because couple of year ago I had a misconception that God only accepts us when we are clean from our sins ,but this misconception was cleared when I started  my bible study with some of my brothers from church and truly accepted the lord as my savior.

How would you describe Evangelism strategy or Heart of evangelism?

The evangelism strategy in this  movie was showed by evangelist going to different place and praying  for different people from different countries and different religion.

What story stuck you the most and why ?

The story  about the couple who became missionaries in china who sold all the things  they had in USA  , it was really stuck in mind that how one person could leave everything just to serve others well being and it even taught me a lesson that we are here in this world to serve God’s people and to help them because this is what Jesus did for us, he took all the pain on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven and we could have eternal life .

What would you differently like to do differently in your life like after seeing this film?

I would try to life my for  the Lord and do thing that would serve him and his people.


  1. Describe God-It has 5 possibilities; no God, man as God, many gods, one immanent God or one transcendent God.
  2. How did this faith come to be?-It came from the “OLD” paganism, most of its information came from the old religion that has new modifications that the new one doesn’t have which are supernatural/transcendent, absolute morality and man as the new god.
  3. What are the core components of this faith?- Heaven and earth are their two  core components and they don’t believe in evil.
  4. who is Jesus?-Jesus would have been another god like the rest of the others like Neptune etc.
  5. what is something that their faith has in common with Christianity?-  They both  believe in a divine power and  they believe people are from earth go to heaven based upon themselves.  When baptizing people both sides were naked upon the event of baptizing.
  6. what are the differences in their faith?-They don’t beileve in Satan ,evil or hell . They do witchcraft. Paganism believes in many God  where christian believe only in one God.

After reading about Paganism i see that there are many differences between Christianity and  paganism.That its hard to understand Paganism while Christianity has a very clear point of view about itself.


  1. Describe God-Believe that God exist but  don’t know what it is? God is usually brought into existence by our experience and situations.
  2. How did the faith come to be?- Gautama Buddha who was from India.
  3. What are the core components of this faith ?  -Form, perception, conception, volition,  consciousness and desire leads to suffering.
  4. Who is Jesus?-Believe that he was a man of good deeds and thought people about good things.
  5. What is something this has in common with Christianity?-The faith was birthed from virgin women, women are equal. They both have lot of missionaries and both preaches peace and humanity. Both describes simple way of living. Both basic belief is GOD in one.
  6. What are few differences between this faith and Christianity?-Buddhism is founded on the teachings of Buddha who did not subscribe to an immortal soul or supreme deity ( God ). Christianity is founded on the belief of Jesus Christ as the son of God who was crucified and died to pay for the sins of man then resurrected from the dead. Those who believe this in their heart and confess it to others can call themselves Christians.

My Visit To Art Prize

Grand Rapids Art Museum-This place was one of my favorite  that i visited during art prize,it had a lot of various kinds of art but the one i like the most was Origami by Kumi Yamashita .It is a great part of art because as we look at it it would keep us wondering that why is there are papers on the wall ? but as the lights falls on those paper we can see a shadows those are faces of different people. This envy’s a great message that doesn’t matter that how hard we try to hide the real person in us ,it will be reveled one day. And the art that i liked the least was Totem by Kathleen Houston because i did really understand the piece of art . But i still appreciate all the work that she put in making that piece of art . 

Uica- My visit here wasn’t very interesting but i saw a lot of different art and hard work that was put in. The most I liked here was the Song Of Lift by Martijin Van Wagtendonk ,his art was a combination of science , philosophy and religion.It had lot of  different thing like they would change color and rotate .And the one i didnt like I am a rock I am as an island by Jessica Havery because i could really understand the art  and the message that it was trying to display.

Bob-The Davidsons by Robert kartrinic (LEATHERMAN) was great piece of art.I really liked it because it was a family of robots made out of scrap of motor bike and the art i disliked was the wind Power because i couldn’t really understand the concept of that piece of art .

Van Andel Museum-The art that i liked here was Bird Feeder by Tom Sheerin .I liked it because it was an eagle made out of recycled things and it is is my favorite bird.I didn’t like the art Sisters by Shie Moreno because i didn’t really understand what that art was and what message was it trying to convey. 


Which moral philosophy makes the most sense  to you of the ones that we have covered?Can you see any downside  (negative )for yourself in following this philosophy? What about a whole culture?

“Divine Commands” is the philosophy that mostly made sense to me because it clearly demonstrates a message that God is above all and that truth depends on obedience to what god says.I cannot see any downside for my self or for a whole culture following this philosophy or believe it because following God’s commands will always lead us in having a peaceful and great life .

What philosophy that you don’t agree with did you find the most interesting why ?

The philosophy that i found most  interesting that i don’t agree with is “The Social Contract” that envy that “good” and “bad” are just name that we give to thing that we dislike and that we are self interested . “Good” and “Bad” are just not given for the things that we don’t like or we like but its because God has told us what is wrong and what things are right. If there were no commands there would be many nations destroyed because people would make up their own laws on things that they like and dislike.

What are the three philosophies that you see most utilized by our culture?How so?

In this era we practice all the philosophies in our culture.Therefore the  three philosophies that i have seen which is being utilized by our culture is Divine Commands,Altruism and Relativism.Divine command because we follow the laws of the God.Altruism-not everyone in our culture things about other people welfare but mostly do because i think until we would help each other this world wouldn’t function right.Relativism-I think this philosophy is similar to influence ,in our culture people follow and believe what majority of other peoples beliefs like voting on passing a specific law or for a great leader